The four seasons of Apukka Resort

We here in Apukka Resort have had an amazing summer underneath the Midnight Sun and have enjoyed every single moment of the sunshine and warm days it has presented to us. Yet still, one of the reasons we love Finland so much is the fact that we have four beautiful seasons here, all of them offering something unique for the people exploring the nature of Lapland.

The autumn foliage will soon start to colour the scenery and the lullabies of our beloved mosquitos will vanish to the air as temperatures outside start to slowly drop. The nights start to turn darker and suddenly the atmosphere around the nightly fire turns into something almost magical. In the end of August the Northern Lights start to remind us of themselves as they make their first peeks from the night sky. As the fall continues further, the length of the dark time for each day gets longer until we reach the Polar Night in the midst of the winter. After a stunningly beautiful fall, around October we here in Lapland eagerly start to stare at the sky waiting for the very first snowfall of the winter.

Northern lights Autumn
Northern Lights by the lake on Autumn

As the snow falls and the lakes freeze, we are ready. The engines of the snowmobiles echo as they are parked on the starting points of the safaris and the dogs could not be any more thrilled as they finally after the summer get to continue doing what they love the most – dogsledding through the snowy winter wonderland. In December here in Rovaniemi we have two weeks when sun does not rise above the horizon – this time is known as the Polar Night – but despite the common beliefs, this does not mean darkness. The change of light on the sky during the darkest months of the winter is something you have to experience to believe it. If we are lucky, the Auroras colour the night sky with the shades of green, red, yellow and pink in ever changing patterns and forms.

During the cold days the sky turns into some of the many pastel colours the nature has to offer and you’ll notice that it’s easy to feel like standing in the middle of a beautifully created oil painting. In March you’ll definitely notice the big bright thing on the sky that you had almost forgotten during the winter – the Sun. The days are suddenly warm, nights still remaining cold and dark. In May the snow will slowly start to melt making way for the rapid change of seasons as we greet another summer of Lapland in the beginning of July. In just a week or so, the flowers start to blossom, the lakes and rivers open up from ice and the birds fill the air with the most beautiful tunes. The open waters await and the beautiful scents of the forests are almost calling you to explore Lapland.

View to the lake Olkka on January

Finland has four unique seasons that all provide different possibilities for the adventure of a lifetime. Have a look at our website at to choose the best season for you to visit Rovaniemi. We’d love to help you to put together an activity package of your dreams, so don’t hesitate to contact us to or +358 29 370 0268 in case you’d have any questions.




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