The Magic of Christmas time

Through this blog you’ve had a chance to take a sneak peak into daily lives here in Lapland, the history of the region and the peculiar manners of the Finns. However, we just recently realised that there is one important aspect that we’ve never told you about in the blog. A well-kept secret that not only you, but also your children might be very interested in. We are, of course, talking about Santa Claus himself.

Surely you know Santa Claus, perhaps you’ve even met him? The jolly fellow from the far away land of Lapland, travelling around the world to spread the joy of Christmas together with his loyal reindeer. The warm-hearted Santa whose joyous laughter echoes through all the Christmas carols and whose adventurous journey around the world is anticipated every Christmas by children from all continents.

You see, in Lapland, Christmas is a very special time of the year. You can sense the rising holiday spirits all around you, smell the tempting calls of the Christmas chocolate and almost hear the footsteps of the elves as they’re finishing their “naughty or nice”-list to have it ready for Santa before Christmas. During the months preceding Christmas, the Santa Claus and his companions are extremely busy. Did you know that every year, from January to early December, Mrs. Claus places Santa Claus on a strict diet – all the milk and cookies Santa Claus eats on Christmas days have fit somewhere, after all. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, on the other hand, spends most of the year training rookie reindeer for the significant task of pulling Santa’s sleigh. His red nose is known to lead the way on Christmas Eve, but during the training periods one might spot it turning red every now and then in case the students aren’t paying enough attention to the lessons.

Throughout the year Santa Claus receives millions and millions of letters – did you know that Santa reads each and every one of them, not forgetting a single one. He then skis to the toy factory of the elves from his cabin in the woods of Lapland to inform them of the wishes sent by children all around the world – skiing being yet another thing related to his 11-month long annual diet as instructed by Mrs. Claus. As the elves receive the wishes, the joyful work begins as Christmas carols fill the air and elves begin the preparations. Work stops every now and then as the elves refill their chocolate levels. One present at a time, yet another joyful Christmas approaches.

Finally, it is Christmas. Rudolphs reindeer are not rookies anymore, but professionals ready for an adventure. The elves have finished every single present, loaded them on Santa Claus’s sleigh and are now snacking on some delicious chocolate saved for this special time of the year. The forests of Lapland are covered in snow, the children of the world full of joyous anticipation and the Christmas spirit is everywhere around us.

And finally, Santa Claus gets to eat the cookies he’s dreamt of for 11 months.




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