The Spark of a Flint

Bonfires have always had a special place in the hearts of a Finn. There is something magical in the atmosphere an open fire creates around it. When a fire is lit, it’s almost as if time would stop and the shadows casted to the surrounding forest by its hypnotizing flames became the only reality you know. 

The peace of mind brought by the warmth of a fire originates thousands and thousands of years back, to a time when the ability to start a fire was the very core of survival. With the freezing cold winters of Lapland, temperatures dropping well below -40 C, the joy of the flames catching first the kindling and then the firewood has always been genuine, almost a cause for celebration. From the beginning of times a “fire stone” or a flint has proven its value as a trustworthy companion in the North, an item we still trust in Apukka today.

The skill of starting a bonfire has, without a doubt, been one of the most important methods of survival in the history of Lapland – a skill that is still taught to children in Finnish schools today. Bonfires, however, serve a meaning even deeper than survival in the history and culture of this remote country. From the beginning of times, bonfires have been invitations for social interaction. By the mesmerizing warmth of a bonfire countless of stories have been shared, tales that have lasted through generations have been written and legends have been created. Perhaps even more importantly, endless number of moments filled with peaceful silence have been spent in the warm glow of a bonfire under the starry skies of Finland.

We invite You to Apukka to experience the magic of bonfires by yourself. Create a spark. Light a bonfire. Allow the time to stop and your thoughts to gain their freedom, just like our ancestors would do thousands of years ago.




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