There Shall be a New Day – thoughts from Apukka on the edge of spring

For the past weeks the world we know has been different. The global borders that we’ve all gotten used to welcoming us for yet again new adventures have partially closed and the freedom previously so familiar to us has taken a different form. From mountains to valleys and from farming fields to big cities a cloud of uncertainty has settled itself above us. Some say even that there is a new world order taking place. We here in Apukka Resort choose to believe differently. We choose to believe this all will lead to something positive eventually. We firmly trust that there shall be a new day again.

As we also here in Apukka Resort finished the winter season 2019-2020 a couple of weeks earlier than planned, our CEO wrote a letter to our guests and partners. In the letter, he said:

“No virus, no matter how nasty it is, can take away our dreams. We ask you to keep your dreams alive too – one day as you step through the doors of Apukka Resort,we will help those dreams come true.” 

This, our dear friends, is our promise to you. We here in Apukka Resort are focusing on the future with eyes even brighter than before. We choose to stay positive and to use this time to develop and to keep moving forward. When the borders all around the world open again, we will be here welcoming you with a wide smile and open arms.

Perhaps you’re wondering what can happen in a resort like ours on these peculiar times when travelling is basically non-existent worldwide. The answer is simple: A lot. For many years our passion has been to share the stories of Lapland with our guests. Now, the time to take these stories to a new level has come. Before we open our doors again in October, we will bring all these stories to life. From the history of these very premises to the ancient tales of Lapland, from the time of taverns in this country to Kalevala (the national epic of Finland), we will take great pride introducing our rich heritage. Combined with modern innovations, of course, as without them we wouldn’t be Apukka. As the weeks pass and winter turns to spring and later to summer, we will keep you updated of this exciting path we are on. Join our journey by having a look at our blog every now and then.

Apukka Resort has always been a place where people from all around the world gather together to experience something authentic. A place to share stories, adventures and new experiences. A place to make new friends and life lasting memories. We wish to see you here next winter so we can show you ourselves. As you come, there will be a cosy seat by the fireplace waiting for you. And then, it’s time to tell you a story.




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