What Clothes to Pack for a Winter Vacation in Lapland

During the coldest months in Lapland, the temperatures can drop even as low as –30 degrees Celsius, which means that packing proper clothing is vital to having an enjoyable vacation in Lapland. Even the warmer temperatures may start feeling cold in activities like husky rides and reindeer sleigh rides. We Finns have been learning how to dress up to survive in the cold for centuries, so here are our tips on what clothes to pack for your winter holiday in Lapland!  

Pack Layers, Layers, and Some More Layers 

Layers are the most important part of dressing up during the winter. The air between layers works as isolation between your body and the cold winter air. The more layers you have on, the more isolation you have. The working combo is to have three layers. 

  1. The base layer is a tighter layer of long underwear, merino woolen base layer, tights, or technical sportswear. 
  2. Mid-layer is a looser layer like woolen pullovers, fleeces, or even a warm sweater. A light-down jacket also works as a mid-layer. And do not forget to bring your sweatpants, woolen trousers, etc. with you! 
  3. Top-layer is what blocks the water and the wind. Isolated, waterproof, and windproof jackets and pants are a must in these conditions!  

Winter Boots and Woollen Socks 

Keeping your feet warm is important during the winter. Good winter boots should have enough space for layering your feet with woolen socks but also have an isolating sole with a good grip. Frozen feet can be very uncomfortable and painful even. And as the snow and ice can be slippery, packing winter boots with a good grip is a good idea! 

Beanie, Mittens, and Scarf are a Must on Winter Vacations 

The finishing touches to every winter outfit are a beanie, mittens, and a scarf, and for a good reason! The head is the part of your body that releases the most heat from your body. Packing a warm, covering, and wind-blocking beanie on your vacation will help you survive the winter days in Lapland! Hands should always be covered when you are outside during the winter. Packing a warm set of mittens will ensure a lovely time outdoors! Scarf, on the other hand, will help you block the airflow from the neckline to your mid and base layers, keeping both your neck and body warmer! The tighter the scarf, the warmer you’ll stay!  

Pack your Swimsuit for Winter Vacation in Rovaniemi 

No, we are not kidding. Though this one will not keep you warm, it will let you embrace your inner Finn! Though Finnish people do go naked to Sauna, you might feel a bit more comfortable in your swimsuit, and once you are hot enough, it’s time to experience the extreme cold by swimming in the frozen lake!  

What if I don’t Have any Winter Clothes to Pack?  

Do not worry! We understand that Finland has the occasional extreme conditions, and as we have been preparing for these kinds of weather, we also have been preparing to keep our guests warm. Almost every activity operator offers thermal clothing for the activities, including us here in Apukka Resort. But we do want you to enjoy your time outside in Lapland, not only during our activities, but throughout your stay, so you can rent the thermal clothing in advance or at check-in! Our thermal clothing rental includes thermal overalls, woolen socks, winter boots, and warm mittens. The price is 10 € per person per day. Winter clothing is included in all our winter holiday packages.  

Packing list for Your Winter Vacation in Lapland:  




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