eFatbiking tour in snowy nature in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Why NOT to travel to Lapland in March

STOP and read this before visiting Rovaniemi in March!

Dreaming of a March holiday in Lapland? Read this article for a second opinion! Do you really want to enjoy sunny days, have a higher chance of seeing the Northern Lights, and more room in guided activities? Okay, but don’t say we didn’t warn you! In this tongue-in-cheek post, we provide all the reasons why you shouldn’t travel to Lapland in March.

You just hate sunny days

Days with plenty of light and the sun sparkling from the pure white snow? Gah, who needs that! If your dream image of Lapland is darker than the insides of a coal sack, then March is definitely the wrong time to visit Lapland. During this time, days get noticeably warmer and sunnier, but nights are still cold and dark. For many, this increased sunshine might cause the following side-effects: higher levels of optimism, joy, and, in general, an increase in happiness.

You find the Northern Lights repulsive

Do you absolutely hate the sight of the skies filled with vibrant colors? Then you most certainly should avoid Lapland in March because as we get closer to the spring equinox, the Auroras start to appear more frequently. Even more terrifying news: science says that the late winter period, along with autumn, is actually the best time to see the Northern Lights. Oh, the horror! Can you imagine staying in your glass igloo and having to watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky?

You don’t like snowy adventures

Because the nights are still cold, the increased sunshine doesn’t yet melt away the snow covering the land. This means there are plenty of snowy adventures available for your enjoyment in March, which is bad news for all who dislike wintry thrills. If activities such as eFatbiking, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing sound like too much fun to you, you better skip this season because Apukka Resort has plenty of snowy tours available.

You miss the -30 degree Celsius weather

If you’re yearning for the -30 degree Celsius weather, Lapland’s coldest months, January and February, hold that icy allure. However, by the time March arrives, those extreme temperatures are usually a distant memory. If you find the milder range of -15 to -5 degrees Celsius, typical of March, not quite chilly enough for a true Arctic explorer like yourself, then perhaps skipping March in Lapland is the right choice. Nevertheless, for those who appreciate more moderate temperatures, it’s a delightful time to visit and relish the late winter ambiance, shedding a few layers of clothing.

You love the crowds  

For those who enjoy waiting in lines and adore holiday destinations where tourists are packed like sardines, March in Lapland might be a tad disappointing. In Rovaniemi during this time, all shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions remain open, yet there are no massive crowds anywhere. Following this logic leads to the correct conclusion: more availability in Apukka Resort’s winter tours ensures you’ll have no trouble booking your favorites!




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