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Why You Should Visit Rovaniemi in November

Rovaniemi in November, what is it all about, what should you expect, and why you should visit? In November, as Rovaniemi is preparing for the busy Christmas season, nature is preparing itself for the winter. Meanwhile, days are getting even shorter as we get closer to polar night. Check out the reasons why you should visit Rovaniemi in November below, book our Early Winter with Arctic Animals Holiday Package, and be one of the first to experience snow in Rovaniemi next winter!

Weather Rovaniemi in November

In November, nature is preparing itself for the winter. The colorful leaves have fallen off trees, and temperatures have dropped way below zero degrees Celsius. Daylight decreases from about eight to three hours, and by the end of the month, permanent snow has covered the ground.

You are to expect different kinds of weather; sunny and cold days as well as rain and snow storms. The usual day temperatures in November vary between -10 to 5 degrees Celsius.

Polar Night and Northern Lights

Polar Night doesn’t mean only cozy darkness; it also means more hours in the night to catch the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. In November, it is not impossible to catch Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky above Rovaniemi already at 5 PM. You can admire the night sky either from the comfort of your glass igloo, or hunt for the Northern Lights. For example, you can hunt the Aurora Borealis with horses or reindeer!

auroras in rovaniemi in november Apukka Resort lapland Finland

Is There Snow Rovaniemi in November

As November is the beginning of winter, the amount of snow is uncertain. This means, that natural snow might come and go, as the ground is not totally frozen yet. However, the permanent snow cover lasting throughout the winter usually lands in November.

Though there might not be natural snow in Rovaniemi in November, we will have snow in Apukka Resort. We want to make sure our November guests have the winter experiences they are looking for, so we are storing snow over the summer from last winter. This stored snow, along with cannoned snow, will make it possible for us to operate tours on snow already on the 13th of November 2023!

November Tours in Rovaniemi

Be the first to experience winter activities on snow! To mention a few, our November activities include husky sleigh rides, reindeer journeys, horse carriage rides, and snowmobiling, all on SNOW. These early winter activities on snow will start on the 13th of November 2023 in Apukka Resort.

Christmas Vibes

Cozy darkness and gentle snowfalls combined with Christmas lights will guarantee a sense of the upcoming Holidays. Take a Reindeer Sleigh Ride to Santa through a Magic Forest and feel like a child again, when Santa Claus greets you in his secret hut in Apukka Resort.

Santa Claus in Rovaniemi Apukka Resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Now that you have all the information you need to know about Rovaniemi in November, why don’t you go ahead and book yourself the November vacation of your dreams? Choose from our ready-made holiday packages:

Or book the accommodation of your choice online and choose the activities later.




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