About Ice Log Building

Apukka Resort builds every winter a variety of ice buildings. For the period 2017–2018 a small village of ice log cottages will be built, inspired by the Finnish buildings and specially the tavern that was at Apukka 1860 – 1930’s.

Log has been the main construction material of the Northern houses for centuries. Now we have developed a method that enables the construction of a log structure from ice!  The walls become solid and robust.

Our CEO Markus Kolari is a pioneer of ice building, with over ten years of experience in the field. Apukka is the center of ice log building,  but we also implement ice building projects elsewhere in Lapland. Contact us if you want us to build something in your yard – a table, a slide, a cottage or even a sauna!


Read our blog:

The First Snow of the Winter

As you are reading this, the first proper snow of the winter has just landed to the ground at Apukka Resort. And there is a lot of it, enough for us tp start running many of our winter activities. The thermometer is showing -16 C, and because of the quick drop in the...

Marvelous Adventures of a Husky

So, let’s talk about huskies. Because, who wouldn’t love dogs? At Apukka Resort we are currently building a brand new, spacious dog yard, with the main focus on the well being of the dogs. When you step inside the dog yard, your heart simply melts. Dozens of beautiful...

Where the red fox runs

Earlier on in this blog we’ve told you about the science behind the Northern Lights. However, in the history of mankind, the scientific explanation for the Auroras has been available only for a fraction of a time. Before that, people had to rely on their instincts and...

The song of the Siberian Jay

Summer has officially turned into autumn now in Finnish Lapland. You can feel it in the air as you step outside in the morning and feel the fresh, cool air diving through your lungs. As the temperature has dropped for the night, the early mornings here are often met...

As the sun turns the lights on

It always catches us by surprise to notice how fast the seasons change here. At this time of the year the change is unbelievably rapid and in such a short time the nightless night turns into dark nights, allowing the thousands of stars on the sky to escort our way....

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