About Ice Log Building

Apukka Resort builds every winter a variety of ice buildings. For the period 2017–2018 a small village of ice log cottages will be built, inspired by the Finnish buildings and specially the tavern that was at Apukka 1860 – 1930’s.

Log has been the main construction material of the Northern houses for centuries. Now we have developed a method that enables the construction of a log structure from ice!  The walls become solid and robust.

Our CEO Markus Kolari is a pioneer of ice building, with over ten years of experience in the field. Apukka is the center of ice log building,  but we also implement ice building projects elsewhere in Lapland. Contact us if you want us to build something in your yard – a table, a slide, a cottage or even a sauna!


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Snow Fact #5 – The Year Without Summer

Have you heard of the chilly summer in the 1816? We’ve had couple of cold summers here in Finland recently and the whole Europe’s been kind of chilly in the summertime. Even if it’s cold and it feels bad to have freezing sensations during your summer holidays, luckily...

Snow Fact #4 – Snow Albedo

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