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Why You Should Visit Rovaniemi in January

Many consider January the beginning of the best winter in Lapland. With plenty of snow, crisp air, and gradually lengthening days, the conditions are ideal for a dreamy winter holiday. Interested in learning more about Rovaniemi’s January? Let’s explore if it’s the perfect time for your visit to Lapland.

What is the weather like in January in Rovaniemi?

January marks one of Lapland’s coldest months, characterized by the depths of “deep winter” when temperatures may plunge below -30°C (-22°F for our American readers!). Typically, temperatures hover around both sides of -20°C (-4°F), creating an ideal setting for winter activities. Dressing warmly with layered clothing allows one to embrace the outdoors with ease. Despite potentially low temperatures in Rovaniemi, the cold doesn’t carry the biting chill experienced in areas where, for example, the wind blows from the sea and seems to penetrate the very soul.

Things to do in Rovaniemi in January

January transforms the trees into a stunning canvas, adorned with a thick layer of snow. The scenery mirrors the charm of a picturesque postcard that says ‘Wish you were here!’ For a true escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, we recommend engaging in activities that lead you deep into the frost-encrusted forests. Experience the thrill of husky sledding, enjoy a peaceful reindeer sleigh ride, or embark on a snowmobiling adventure. All these immersive tours are available at Apukka Resort, unfolding in private lands and guided by experts well-versed in these enchanting terrains.

Here’s our Top 5 picks for wintry fun:

  1. Apukka Husky Adventure
  2. Lakeside Sauna & Arctic Bath
  3. Night Snowmobile Safari
  4. Reindeer Sleigh Ride to Ice Fishing
  5. Snowshoe Walk to the Arctic Nature

Aurora hunting tour by snowmobiles in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Is January dark in Rovaniemi?

The common misconception about Lapland is that in January, you feel like you’re inside a coal sack. Granted, daylight is limited to a few hours, typically between 10:00 and 14:00, but the snow’s reflective brilliance makes the days seem brighter. It’s also worth noting that the amount of daylight increases by roughly 5-10 minutes per day as we approach February. January is a great time to enjoy the beautiful lingering sunrises and sunsets. During the time when the sun is up, it’s not uncommon to see skies adorned with pastel colors that make you feel like you’re in a different world.

Holiday packages available for January

Direct Flights to Rovaniemi

Now that you know more about Rovaniemi in January, do you want to experience it firsthand? Go ahead, and book your flights from the nearest airport to the capital of Lapland. We’ll handle the rest!

  • London (Stansted) by Ryanair until 28.3.2025
  • Liverpool by Ryanair until 28.3.2025
  • Dublin by Ryanair until 29.3.2025
  • Milan (Bergamo) by Ryanair until 27.3.2025
  • Paris (Beauvais) by Ryanair until 28.3.2025
  • Brussels by Ryanair until 29.3.2025
  • Tromsø by Finnair until 29.3.2025
  • Milan (Malpensa) by easyJet until 29.1.2025
  • Amsterdam by KLM until 22.3.2025
  • Bordeaux by easyJet until 12.3.2025
  • Paris (CDG) by AirFrance until 22.3.2025
  • Vienna by Austrian Airlines until 22.3.2025
  • Frankfurt by Lufthansa until 29.3.2025
  • Madrid by Iberia until 1.3.2025
  • Lyon by easyJet until 8.3.2025
  • Nice by easyJet until 22.2.2025
  • Düsseldorf by Eurowings until 23.3.2025
  • Istanbul by Turkish Airlines until 4.3.2025
  • London (Gatwick) by easyJet until 2.3.2025
  • Copenhagen by SAS until 6.2.2025
  • London by Norwegian until 28.2.2025
  • München by Norwegian until 1.3.2025
  • Berlin by easyJet until 29.3.2025
  • Paris (Orly) by Transavia until 15.3.2025
  • Zürich by Edelweiss until 27.3.2025
  • Berlin by Eurowings until 8.3.2025
  • Hamburg by Eurowings until 26.3.2025
  • Stuttgart by Eurowings until 2.3.2025

If your city is not listed here, please consider checking flights from the nearest airport to Rovaniemi via Helsinki. There are daily year-round flights operated by Finnair and Norwegian that connect your city to Helsinki and onward to Rovaniemi.